Welcome to Mujtahid Sea Cargo & Clearing Company - MSCC

MSCC is a dedicated company in assisting and provide best services to customers across the region. Mujtahed Sea Cargo services are extended in across middle east and Africa.

The service experience you will get in MSCC differ from many of our competitors because of our prices and our service. We have a effctive team to support our customers in assuring satification is obtained in a proffessional manner- Try our services today ...

What we do ?


At MSCC we believe that close control and a focussed approach when dealing with the sea lines can yield substantial benefits for our customers.We have developed strong and global partnerships with a number of providers and this enables us to offer an exemplary Sea freight service. We also specialise in offering "short" sea solutions around the Middle East.


At MSCC we understand that air freight is a very expensive way for any company to move their product.We are acutely aware that when our customers need an airfreight solution that it must be fast, reliable and cost effective. That is why, in conjunction with our global partners, we only use the top tier airlines.


At MSCC we work with a selected number of providers who fall into this category.We can provide a Full Truck Load Road Freight Service (FTL) as well as Loose Truck Load Road Freight Service (LTL) all over Middle East in both outbound and inbound using a hub and spoke system which maximises the vehicles capabilities while keeping costs down.


We have solutions for all your goods,

Right from guiding our customers in purchasing, inspecting, collecting transporting, and stuffing or packing and more.

We care for you as client by giving you a piece of mind to tackle your other challenges to make your business grow, and so we deliver your goods on time.


Our staff team is prepared to serve you

We have a well trained team and prepared to provide best services, our customer service staff always listening to your issue, demands and suggestions for approvement, we negotiate our prices